Video Premiere: Tommy Emmanuel, Little Feat and Sam Bush “Cajun Girl”

April 5, 2023
Video Premiere: Tommy Emmanuel, Little Feat and Sam Bush “Cajun Girl”

Photo by Simone Cecchett

One of the greatest acoustic guitarists of all time, known for his elaborative fingerstyle technique and use of percussive effects, Tommy Emmanuel, rock icons Little Feat and Sam Bush have united for a cover of Little Feat’s 1988 track “Cajun Girl.” The track comes from Emmanuel’s upcoming full-length collaborative album Accomplice Two, due to release on April 28 via CGP Sounds.

The project was produced by Emmanuel and serves as a follow-up to 2018’s Accomplice One and includes originals, classics and joint efforts with Molly Tuttle and Billy Strings. Of the new project, Emmanuel said, “My accomplices on this album are all in a league of giants, to me. They all inspire me to reach for the stars… to give my best while supporting them as they give their best…I feel a kinship with all of them, younger or closer to my age, we all have a chemistry, an electricity together when we play music.. I wanted to capture this power in songs and performances that will stand the test of time and surprise many!”

Today, we premiere the video for a taste of the new project two days before its full release. The live video was recorded at Ocean Way Studio B in Nashville, Tenn., and engineered by Roy Rositas and directed and edited by Joshua Britt and Neilson Hubbard for Neighborhoods Apart. The joyous collaboration sees Bill Bayne on piano and lead vocals, Kenny Gradney on bass, Fred Tackett on mandolin and backing vocals, Scott Sharrard on guitar and backing vocals, Tony Leone on drums and backing vocals, Bush on fiddle and backing vocals and Emmanuel of course on guitar and backing vocals.

“I have been a fan of Little Feat since I first heard them back in the 70’s. They are a powerful band with great songs and tight, funky arrangements,” Emmanuel added. I’m so honored to be on this track with these legends, to play with them, sing with them, and to find a common love of good music that brings the best out in all of us. I am also thrilled that Sam Bush came and played a great fiddle part which makes this track unique and shows his love for Little Feat too! The youngest member of the band, Scott Sharrard, is doing such brilliant work on slide guitar that I had to feature him on the last solo of the track. Lowell George would be smiling down at him, playing his ass off! Lend ‘Cajun Girl’ your ears and your heart, and you’ll smile from my crazy intro to Scotts’ mojo-dripping finishing touches of the song. ENJOY!”

“Great thanks to Tommy Emmanuel for bringing new life to Little Feat’s ‘Cajun Girl.’ To be in his orbit is always fun and relaxed. He is the consummate musician and a warm and open host. Looking at the array of artists on Accomplice 2, many of whom the band know, gives us a tangible joy to be in Tommy’s extended family,” said Bill Payne of Little Feat. “We’re pleased to say he is part of Little Feat’s family, too. Tommy Emmanuel is one of the finest musicians in the world. He lives and breathes music. What else could one want? “Cajun Girl” also has an extra layer of brilliance added to it from our dear friend Sam Bush. Sometimes you just have to say, life is good!” 

Enjoy the video premiere of “Cajun Girl” featuring Little Feat and Sam Bush below.