Video Premiere: Langhorne Slim “Talking Mental Health”

December 18, 2020
Video Premiere: Langhorne Slim “Talking Mental Health”

Musician Langhorne Slim is keenly aware of how tough things can be when someone in recovery faces a world of isolation.

And – sadly – the COVID-19 world has made things even more difficult.

That’s why Slim has teamed up with Sound Mind Live to create an honest, forthright video discussing how he aims to stay “centered and connected” in these unprecedented times, avoiding the temptation of substance abuse.

“A person can spend their whole life searching for themselves everywhere but themselves,” he explained. “Career, money, booze, drugs , love, lust and on and on. I’ve heard it said that in the end, it’s an inside job. After tryin’ it nearly every other way I could think of, I’ve concluded that this is indeed so.”

Learn more about Langhorne Slim via his official website.

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