Video Premiere: Jerry Joseph “Full Body Echo”

June 9, 2020
Video Premiere: Jerry Joseph “Full Body Echo”

Jerry Joseph’s forthcoming album, The Beautiful Madness, will be released this coming Aug. 21. Today, Relix premieres the video for “Full Body Echo,” the second single from the upcoming record.

“Sometimes, rarely in my case, pop songs pop out. They come – to me anyway -quickly, in minutes. I was speaking to (if I even gave it a thought), the way the people of one’s past haunt their psyche, like ghosts,” Joseph told Relix. “In this case, I was speaking more to past intimacy, as opposed to my grandmother’s perfume. That said, I hate trying to break down songs that don’t need breaking down. ‘Full Body Echo’ is my attempt at something that feels good without a deep introspective essay attached.”

Abe Partridge created the video and Joseph notes, “My friend Abe Partridge is one of my favorite new artists. His ability to keep a child-like wonder in his music as well as his paintings, leaves me in awe. He was the perfect person to do the video for this song because he got it. Three minutes of visuals that make HIM feel good. It’s guys doing stunts on airplanes, it’s beautiful and simple as opposed to some deep ass ‘we are all stunt pilots, doing a tightrope walk a thousand feet in the air in the face of oncoming fascism’ or whatever disingenuous babble. It’s simple, the lifetime of loved ones, bouncing around like echoes in our blood and brains and muscles and hearts, nothing more.”

“Jerry Joseph is an artist, visionary, and songwriter. I personally look up to him as a mentor. After previewing Jerry’s new record, I was drawn to ‘Full Body Echo’, its simplicity, and adventure,” Partridge adds. “The song sounds like taking flight after being grounded for a while. I searched for a couple weeks for footage that would capture that sense of adventure and new beginnings that I felt in the song. This video is the result. ‘Shake me, I won’t let it go. Take me once again.'”

The Beautiful Madness was produced by Patterson Hood, and Drive-By Truckers serves as the backing band. “From the moment Patterson and I began talking about making this record, I thought Patterson could read instructions from chemtrails or star dust,” Joseph said of working with Hood (via press release). “His commitment to the work and his drive and leadership to deliver how he heard the record in his head was unwavering… He pushed me into places I didn’t know existed, for me anyway,  to an end that I think we are both very proud of.”

Watch the new video for “Full Body Echo” below!

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