Video Premiere: Illiterate Light “Nuthin’s Fair (Live)”

March 5, 2020
Video Premiere: Illiterate Light “Nuthin’s Fair (Live)”

Photo by Joey Wharton

Indie-fuzz duo Illiterate Light have been on a whirlwind since the release of their eponymous debut album, and today we’re premiering a new live video from the band, showcasing their original “Nuthin’s Fair,” their DIY roots and their hometown venue The Golden Pony in Harrisonburg, Va.

“I tend to be a hopeful person, but one can’t avoid the darkness and pain of life… and ‘Nuthin’s Fair’ has become a cathartic experience for everyone at our shows to release the heaviness of reality, in a crazy rock’n’roll kind of way,” explains singer/guitarist Jeff Gorman. “That’s exactly what happened at the Golden Pony in our hometown back in October. A bunch of college students and 20-somethings all screaming ‘nuthin’s fair!!’ while crowd surfing and moshing and dancing like beautiful maniacs. It was an awesome discharge of wound up energy.”

This live tune – and several others, including a version of Neil Young’s “Vampire Blues” – appear as part of the band’s In The Moment live series.

For more information and tour dates visit Illiterate Light’s official website.

Watch the live tape of “Nuthin’s Fair” below:

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