Video Premiere: Cha Wa “Visible Means of Support (No Justice, No Peace Remix)”

September 3, 2020
Video Premiere: Cha Wa “Visible Means of Support (No Justice, No Peace Remix)”

As the torchbearers of Mardi Gras Indian funk, Cha Wa have emerged with a special “No Justice, No Peace” remix of their track “Visible Means of Support,” along with a video chronicling the ongoing struggle of the Black community and the rise of Black Lives Matter.

Explains lead singer Joseph Boudreaux (Second Chief of the Golden Eagles Mardi Gras Indian Tribe), “This was originally a song we recorded a few years back for our Grammy-nominated album Spyboy. It features my father, Mardi Gras Indian Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, on vocals telling a story from his youth of being harassed and jailed by the police. We decided to update the song because it’s clear that the systemic oppression experienced by my Dad in the 1950s is still happening. Our trombonist Joe Maize and I added raps to the song for the remix. My verse is a cry for help and attention, mixed with anger and frustration. And the aggressive musical part of the remix matches the new lyrics and the attitude of a younger generation when it comes to dealing with the same issues generations before us have faced. The video came out of an idea that arose in the studio while we were adding our new parts to the song. It takes a Public Enemy/NWA approach to the situation, showing that people are frustrated but carrying on and trying to effect the change that we need.”

Learn more about Cha Wa via their official website.

Watch the video for “Visible Means of Support (No Justice, No Peace Remix)” below: