Premiere: The Texas Gentlemen “Hard Rd.”

July 7, 2020
Premiere: The Texas Gentlemen “Hard Rd.”

The Texas Gentlemen will release their sophomore record, Floor It!!!, on July 17. Today, Relix is proud to premiere the newest single from the record, “Hard Rd.”

“I started writing ‘Hard Rd.’ with the opening line (shocking, I know),” co-frontman Daniel Creamer told Relix. “‘Sentimentally challenged’ was a phrase I came up with while doing some stream of consciousness typewriter goofoffery, but it stuck with me as something that’s funny but also has a sting of real sadness to it. So that was my jumping-off point, but from there it became really about knowing that someone who has a hard time accessing their emotions or connecting with people can still have the experience of meeting someone who breaks them out of that rut. Of course, none of that is autobiographical at all so DON’T EVEN ASK!”

“It’s one of the sappier songs on the record, but David Pierce’s string arrangement and our amazing choir really launched it into the stratosphere,” Creamer continued. “I offer my eternal thanks to them for that.”

Back in April, when Floor It!!! was announced, the band released the lead single, “Ain’t Nothin’ New.” Listen to that here.

Regarding the album, co-frontman Nik Lee said co-frontman Nik Lee (via press release) (via press release): “This is undoubtedly the best I’ve ever felt about the music.”

“We all have pretty good grips on what we’re supposed to do, so a lot of Floor It!!! was tracked live in the studio, with as few overdubs as possible,” Lee continued. “We like to have it where everybody’s just vibing together in one room.”

Listen to “Hard Rd.” below!

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