Win Butler Talks Hoops, Wants to Play in All-Star Celebrity Game

August 26, 2014

Win Butler’s love for the great game of basketball has been well-documented on this site in recent months. The Arcade Fire frontman has previously hooped with Toronto star Amir Johnson and has a long history with NBAer Matt Bonner, famously defeating him in a three-point shootout that one time.

Now, in a new interview with SLAM Magazine, Butler goes in-depth about his love of the game and playing on the road. Butler says that since Arcade Fire is on a big arena tour at the moment, he has been able to utilize some of the in-house basketball courts. “At the Verizon Center in DC, we played at the Wizards practice court, which was down the hall from our dressing rooms. Also we got to play in the Barclays Center, which has wonderful facilities.”

Much like Arcade Fire, basketball is a global brand, and Butler has explored the pick up courts of Eastern Europe. They play by some crazy rules. “Like in Eastern Europe, Lithuania, you roll up to a court and there are like 10 guys who are 6-6 playing half court. There are some crazy pickup rules over there. For example, after every make, you inbound from the baseline and if someone missed whoever gets the rebound can just put it back in.”

Win would also like it to be known that he is trying to get into the All-Star Celebrity Game held at the beginning of All-Star weekend. “For some reason I don’t count as a celebrity,” he says. With that in mind, he created the hashtag #LetWinPlay to raise awareness between now and February. Hopefully we can see him obliterate Justin Bieber (a celebrity game MVP in years past) next year.

As for his dream team? Hakeem Olajuwan, Rajon Rondo, Pistol Pete, Matt Bonner and Win Butler. Not bad. For his backing band made up of NBA players? Dr. J on the bass (“That 70s rhythm section is a must have”), Larry Bird on cow bell, Hakeem on drums, Kevin Love on keys (for those of you who don’t know, Love is the nephew of The Beach Boys’ Mike Love) and 5’9″ Nate Robinson as hype man.

Check out Butler’s game for yourself as he and Dallas Green play two on two with the Toronto Raptors.