Weird Al Yankovic Remixed Two Portugal. The Man Songs and They’re Genuinely Really Good

March 19, 2018

Weird Al and Portugal. The Man Perform at Bonnaroo 2013 (photo via @alfredyankovic on Instagram)

Comedy legend/master of parody Weird Al Yankovic has released two Polka-infused remixes of Portugal. The Man and they’re… really really good.

The two refashioned songs—”Live In The Moment” and mega-hit “Feel It Still” off band’s recent WOODSTOCK album—are sonically curious, sure, but they definitely steer clear of Yankovic’s usual comedic takedowns. In fact, if you don’t mind polka music they’re actually pretty catchy.

The band and Yankovic first collaborated in 2013, when the comedian hosted the Bonnaroo festival’s lineup announcement livestream. Yankovic sat-in on accordion for P.TM’s “So American,” and later the band took on his Green Day-inspired “Canadian Idiot,” with Yankovic on lead vocals. That same year, on June 15, Yankovic and Portugal. The Man played “So American” once again during the band’s early afternoon set on Bonnaroo’s Which Stage.

“Ya know how they say never meet your heroes? Well, if your hero is Weird Al you meet the shit out of them and somehow they are even more amazing than you could ever have imagined,” the band wrote about the remixes on Instagram.

Who knows? If P.TM ever want to switch up their sound Yankovic would make one hell of a touring accordionist.

Listen to Yankovic’s remixes and watch him perform “So American” with Portugal. The Man circa 2013 below: