Watch Ryan Adams Fulfill His Dream as Substitute Weatherman on Local Denver News

Matt Inman on June 14, 2018

ryan adams denver7 weather

As previously reported, Ryan Adams got into some extracurricular activities prior to his show at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre tonight by fulfilling a dream that no one—possibly including Adams himself—knew was there: appearing on a local Denver news station and substituting as weatherman for the closing segment of the broadcast. 

Shannon Ogden, the Denver7 anchor who originally started the relationship with Adams, first welcomed the singer-songwriter to the station and made mention of the song with which Adams made his plea to be weatherman.

“This is so cool,” Adams says. “I was sitting there, three cats, hanging out at my house—next thing you know, I’m on the news. It’s unbelievable.” He goes on to say that his meteorological dreams arose “partially because of the movie Twister

After playing part of the animated video that the station made to accompany Adams’ song, the musician and regular weatherman Mike Nelson take to the green screen to deliver the forecasts. Adams starts with an appropriate “I don’t know what I’m doing” and fits in some choice commentary like “sunrise is at 5:30am, so get home early” and “15–30mph winds—that’s crazy.” And it sounds like Ogden is thoroughly enjoying every moment, with frequent background laughter. The screen then shows Adams’ own lyrics for the Red Rocks forecast (“Last time I was here, it was raining/ It ain’t raining anymore” from “Dirty Rain”).

“This is exactly as weird as I thought it would be,” Adams says. Also a bit awkward, I’d add, but what do you expect with Ryan Adams + local news anchors? Anyway—congrats, Ryan, you made it. 

Watch the historic moment in the video below.