Vulfpeck’s Jack Stratton Appeared on CNBC and It Was Something

Matt Inman on April 2, 2018

Vulfpeck multi-instrumentalist Jack Stratton recently appeared on CNBC’s Wall Street-focused show Squawk Alley to speak on Spotify’s impending IPO when the music-streaming giant goes public tomorrow, and the interview went…well it went. 

Vulfpeck, who unsurprisingly posted most of the interview on their Facebook page, are known for being a little goofy. Stratton was even introduced by the CNBC panel by “playing” a piece of Vulfpeck’s 2014 album of all silence Sleepify, which gamed the Spotify royalties system to net the band $20,000. Stratton confirmed this number, but then things got a little weird. 

The CNBC interviewers asked questions, sure, and Stratton did give answers to them, but I wouldn’t say he answered them. After being asked about Vulfpeck’s undeniably catchy “Back Pocket” being used in a new Apple commercial and how that played into the band’s thoughts on Spotify, Stratton busted out the amazing phrase “little lemonade,” seemed to make a point about whether Spotify’s IPO would actually benefit investors, then threw in some basketball fundamentals jargon (“bounce pass, jump shot, pick and roll”) for good measure. 

Stratton goes on to admit that Spotify helps get Vulfpeck to their fans and chide himself for whining. And then the interview’s over, and I’m not sure what even happened here. 

To sum up, shout out to Facebook commenter Henry Middletøn, who aptly writes: “I love how the newscaster is trying to pretend that: 1. They are having an actual conversation. 2. He understands what Jack is saying. 3. Jack actually answered the questions that were asked.”

Watch below. 

How funk band Vulfpeck took on Spotify from CNBC.