Video Premiere: Spirit Fingers “inside”

February 2, 2018

On March 16, Shanachie will release Spirit Fingers, the self-titled album from the group formerly known as Polyrhythmic. Pianist and composer Greg Spero, who leads the group, spent the past three years on tour with Halsey but has stepped away to focus on the band. Spirit Fingers also features Parisian bassist Hadrien Feraud (John McLaughlin, Kamasi Washington), Dallas drummer Mike Mitchell (Stanley Clark, Christian McBride) and Italian guitarist Dario Chiazzolino (Dave Liebman, Buika).

Today we premiere the video for “Inside,” in which the group performs a Spero original at LP Studio Studios in Los Angeles on September 9, 2017. Spero tells Relix, “‘inside’ is a simple 4 over 3 pattern. The beauty in that rhythmic juxtaposition is that you have 2 completely different possible perspectives of hearing the same rhythmic density, and multiple layers of subdivisions to play to those perspectives. The recording for ‘inside’ became as jubilant as the composition itself, because of happenstance of the recording process. It was the first take of the first song recorded for the Spirit Fingers sessions. Mike Mitchell’s energy propels myself and Hadrien into a short but sweet sort of celebration, book-ended by the unison line that made this tune one of our greatest technical challenges on the record.”