Video Premiere: The Dustbowl Revival “If You Could See Me Now”

September 6, 2017

The Dustbowl Revival’s new self-titled effort debuted in June and the band is today unveiling the official video for the album standout “If You Could See Me Now,” one of the album’s opening tracks along with “Call My Name.” 

“When we began brainstorming ideas for the video we wanted to turn the lyric on it’s head a bit – making it less about overcoming a failed past relationship and more about how powerful and grateful you are to have gotten to where you are in life right now,” Zachary Lupetin told Relix

Lupetin’s bandmate Liz Beebe expanded on the tune, noting that this was the first song she’s written for Dustbowl “that didn’t pour out all at once fully formed.” She continued, “I try to operate, perform and write from a very vulnerable and personal space and I don’t have a very thick skin. So, this song was difficult to workshop. I re-worked the lyrics many times. I felt like I had to explain what it was about and defend what it wasn’t about.”

Watch the video below.