Video Premiere: Cary Brothers “Cool City”

March 7, 2018

On April 27 Cary Brothers will release a new album. Bruises is his first full-length studio effort since 2010’s Under Control and draws on a more expansive palette than his earlier efforts. The first single “Cool City” reflects his ’80s influences, referencing The Cure and Peter Gabriel, as much as the singer/songwriter fare long associated with him. Today, we premiere he official video for “Cool City,” which is now available.

Brothers tells Relix, ““The video for ‘Cool City’ is about a long walk home after a late night indulging in the city’s temptations. We shot on the First Street Bridge in Downtown Los Angeles with the skyline as our backdrop. It was scary enough to try a four minute handheld backwards tracking shot with no cuts, but it was even more nerve-wracking because we only had 45 minutes to shoot in the ‘magic hour’ light when the sun is on the horizon. Cars were whizzing by, and I was afraid the camera operator – an old friend of mine – was going to step backwards into traffic at any moment. On top of that, of course it was the one day when it was freezing cold and windy in LA. And since we didn’t have the budget to close the sidewalk, pedestrians kept interrupting the shot, and we would have to start all over. It seemed like it would take a miracle to make it work. With a cast of actor friends playing the last remaining night owls in LA along the bridge, we only had seven chances to shoot it, always improvising new ideas, until the light was gone and our toes were frozen. When we were done, I crossed my fingers and looked at the footage, and we managed to get one perfect take, including trains rolling by, sparkling car lights, random joggers and bikers, and much more. All little miracles. Sometimes, filmmaking is a little preparation and a lot of luck.”