Video Premiere: Quinn Sullivan “How Many Tears” from Forthcoming Album ‘Wide Awake’

April 8, 2021
Video Premiere: Quinn Sullivan “How Many Tears” from Forthcoming Album ‘Wide Awake’

photo credit: Justin Borucki

Guitar phenom Quinn Sullivan will release his fourth album on June 4 via Mascot Label Group/Provogue. The 21–year-old musician first gained renown a decade ago while touring with his mentor Buddy Guy. Sullivan has since come into his own not only as a fiery guitar player but also a singer-songwriter. This evolution is reflected on the forthcoming album, Wide Awake, which was produced by Oliver Leiber.

Sullivan tells Relix, “My new album really shows how I’ve grown over these last few years as an artist and as a human being. I feel like I’m finally stepping into new territory as a songwriter and discovering my sound a lot more. Like most artists, you always want to be learning, evolving and growing, and Oliver Leiber was the perfect producer and musical partner to work with. For me, Wide Awake bridges the gap between me as a guitar player, vocalist and songwriter, and ties everything together into one album.”

Today we’re premiering the official video for “How Many Tears” from Wide Awake. Sullivan explains that the song is drawn from his life experience. He reveals that it’s “a reflection of how I was feeling about love and relationships back in high school. I had thought about myself during those times and I’d see so many guys treating girls so horribly, so I never understood why those girls would always go after those types of guys. I had never written a song about this subject before, but it just felt honest and comes from a very real and genuine place, which is why it’s one of my favorite songs on the new album.”

Trevor Banks directed the video, bringing in Matilda Sakamoto to serve as an interpretive dancer while Sullivan performs the tune. Sullivan raves, “She brought so much life and emotion to not only the video but to the song.”