Video Premiere: Amy Helm “Cotton And The Cane”

October 20, 2021
Video Premiere: Amy Helm “Cotton And The Cane”

photo credit: Ebru Yildiz


Amy Helm’s latest studio album, What the Flood Leaves Behind, is a reflective, engaging musical statement. She recently told Relix, “I just feel like I had a different relationship with trusting myself. That guided me through the performances. There were years of getting some experience as a solo artist, getting some experience as a mom. My kids got a little bit older; there were great tours, shitty tours, triumphant gigs, failures. My life, in the last five or six years, has been really exciting. But it also has been really challenging at times and full of wreckage. I distilled all of those experiences into my songwriting and my performances in a different way. I was coming from a different place, singing these songs.”

Producer Josh Kaufman adds, “I think that Amy has found Amy. Some people come out of the gate when they’re young and they’re fully formed. And other people have the raw talent, but they learn over time what it is they do. It’s a longer game, a little longer discovery.”

Today we premiere the official video for “Cotton and the Cane” from the album. On this track she is joined by Kaufman (piano), Marco Benevento (organ), Annie Nero (bass), Daniel Littleton (guitar) and Tony Mason (drums). As for the video directed by Joel Sadler, she comments, “On a beautiful autumn afternoon at Levon Helm Studios, we all came together to make this music – one shot, one take, no edits, natural light, a great leap of faith! Deep thanks to Joel Sadler for his vision, and to Dan Littleton, Annie Nero, Tony Mason, Josh Kaufman, and Marco Benevento for helping me tell a part of my story.”