This Dave Matthews Band Road Trip Story is What Live Music is All About

Matt Inman on April 18, 2018

Seth Haber, founder and CEO of 
Trek Light Gear, took to Twitter today to share a truly wonderful throwback story about a little big road trip he took with four of his friend while they were freshmen in college, when they borrowed a friend’s car and set off on the 18-hour trek from Hartford, CT, to Roanoke, VA, to see a Dave Matthews Band concert, which was set for April 18, 1998. 

That premise alone could fuel a 90-minute stoner comedy, but the real story is even better. While Twitter maybe isn’t the greatest medium for a tale that’s more than a few sentences, the platform does allow for discrete sections of the story, punctuated by choice photos or gifs, and Haber does quite well with these.

I won’t spoil the ending, but suffice to say things turn out pretty well for Haber and his buds. Fair warning: this story will probably make you want to head out on summer tour with your favorite band—or at least pine for the days when that’s a thing that you had the time and energy to do.  Enjoy.