This New ‘Yesterday’ Trailer Answers the Question “What If No One Knew About The Beatles Except You?”

February 12, 2019
This New ‘Yesterday’ Trailer Answers the Question “What If No One Knew About The Beatles Except You?”


Danny Boyle’s newest film offering, Yesterday, just dropped its first trailer, and the conceit is certainly intriguing: What if no one knew about The Beatles or their music except you?

The answer, as many music fans have probably daydreamed about at one time or another, is that you could become exceedingly rich and famous as you peddled Lennon/McCartney (/Harrison/…Starr?) songs, one after the other, all of them almost guaranteed hits.

Instead of some sort of Grays Sports Almanac from Back to the Future situation where someone goes back in time before The Beatles and writes all their songs before they do, Yesterday offers a world where, after a mysterious worldwide blackout, nobody on Earth has ever heard a Beatles track—except struggling singer-songwriter Jack Malik, played by Himesh Patel.

In the trailer for Boyle’s comedy/drama, Malik slowly realizes the potential of this surprising gift, first impressing his friends and family then moving onto record execs and, of course, James Corden. But is the overnight success enough to block out the fact that Malik is really a fraud. Better question: Do Boyle and company do enough work to make what could surely be a sappy vehicle for a bunch of Beatles covers into a thought-provoking exploration of the price of fame and the importance of talent? We’ll see. From the trailer, it could go either way (one of the most interesting teases is the moment when Corden introduces “two guys” who say they wrote the tunes, then the camera cuts to two sets of feet, one without shoes in the style of Paul McCartney on the Abbey Road cover).

Watch for yourself below.