The Times Square Guitar Center Was a Bad Idea

Rob Slater on August 11, 2014

On its own, Times Square is a special circle of hell that only the bravest among us have the patience and restraint to bear on more than a once-a-decade occasion. Last week, Guitar Center decided to up the ante, opening a massive, 28,000-square-foot complex under the bright lights of New York City. Everything has been going well, The Roots played an opening night party at the Best Buy Theater and business is good. Then, Reddit happened.

This video surfaced thanks to a brave Reddit user who swallowed his/her pride and dove into the depths of the Guitar Center. The result is one of the most appalling symphonies of cacophony ever confined to 37-seconds. That’s all you need here. In fact, you don’t even need that much. Take a look, if you wish via Stereogum.