The Roots Paid a Really Cool, Subtle Tribute to Jimmy Fallon’s Mother Last Night

November 14, 2017

Jimmy Fallon returned to The Tonight Show last night after taking a week off to mourn the loss of his mother Gloria after she passed away at the age of 68. The show was understandably emotional, as the host told a heartbreaking story of his final days with his mother, Taylor Swift appeared to debut a somber new song and much of the night proved cathartic for the grieving Tonight Show family. 

The Roots did their part to nod to Fallon’s mother in their own way by playing a snippet of the song “Gloria” after the opening monologue and before the host’s tearful remembrance of his mother. The band typically uses their musical interludes to send a message, whether it be serious, thoughtful or humorous, and this ranks as one of their best moments as they added an extra flourish to an already emotional broadcast. 

“This is beyond, ‘My heart and prayers are with him,'” Questlove told USA Today. “We’re family now, he’s my brother. So it’s a loss. She was everyone’s mom on that set.” 

Watch the full show below. Fallon’s monologue concludes around the 8-minute mark.