The Foo Fighters Fan Sit-In Saga Continues with Eight-Year-Old Little Fonzie’s Infinite Drum Solo

Matt Inman on May 9, 2018

Foo Fighters have solidified their reputation for bringing fans on stage to join them on a song on recent tours—most recently with Austin, TX’s “KISS Guy,” who 
blew Dave Grohl’s ever-loving mind—and the trend continued (and possibly came to an end) last week at the band’s show at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, with an eight-year-old that Grohl dubbed “Little Fonzie,” presumably due to what looks like a child-sized leather jacket. 

“This shit has become The Price is Right!” Grohl says after bringing Fonzie on stage and addressing more fans with signs in the crowd. “This is not the final showroom, mother fucker!” (For you TPIR fans out there, Grohl of course meant the Showcase Showdown.)

It all started with Lil’ Fonzie’s father, as Dave Grohl put it, “handing his kid to a rock band.” After a shoutout to Venezuela from the dad, Fonzie asks to play drums and quickly runs to take Taylor Hawkins position behind the set. To everyone (especially Grohl’s) delight, Lil’ Fonz puts on a show, but he didn’t want the fun to end when the minute that Grohl allowed him was over. Fonzie’s time behind the drums was more like three minutes—excessive even for the most pretentious of rockers—but was impressive and adorable nonetheless. It may, however, have made Grohl think twice the next time a fan wants to join on stage.

“Hey Little Fonzie, can I have my concert back?” Grohl joked after the second attempt to give the kid a solo-ending congratulations. “Dad, come get your kid,” Hawkins chimes in after his own struggles to get Fonz off his set. “We’re not a daycare.” After finally conceding the drums, Fonzie chats with Grohl—noting aptly, “You guys are very famous”—before Grohl eventually gets him off stage with promises of a back-stage Coke. 

“Okay, you guys, no more signs,” Grohl says. “No more ‘We wanna jam with the Foos,’ because you’re never gonna fucking get better than Little Fonzie. He just smoked your ass!”

We’ll see…

(h/t SPIN)