Song Premiere: Martin Sexton Enlists John Mayer for “Calling on America”

July 1, 2021
Song Premiere: Martin Sexton Enlists John Mayer for “Calling on America”

photo credit: Jo Chattman

Martin Sexton’s forthcoming EP 2020 Vision offers a vivid, varied look at life during the quarantine. The songs were completed during lockdown with John Alagia serving as producer and the musicians contributing from remote locations. This is Sexton’s first studio release since 2015’s Mixtape of the Open Road and somewhat akin to that record offers meditations on the country as a whole.

Today we premiere “Calling on America” which Sexton describes as “a song of hope, unity, and redemption summonsing our better angels to help see the likeness and goodness in one another.” In reflecting on the ideas that informed album, he adds, “I see America as flawed, but not irredeemable. I love that we have community leaders, politicians, actors, and artists from all backgrounds speaking up, raising their voices, and becoming the heroes of today. My faith is renewed to see the injustices of the world now beginning to be met with accountability. I remain hopeful and optimistic.”

“Calling on America” also features John Mayer on electric guitar. Mayer who first worked with producer Alagia back on his 2001 debut, Room for Squares, has hailed Sexton as a dynamic live performer and evocative songwriter.

“Calling on America,” the second single from the EP, following “Hold On,” will be available widely tomorrow.