Rubblebucket Will Be Arcade Fire’s Dancing Bobbleheads at Glastonbury

Rob Slater on June 27, 2014

Arcade Fire will hit the stage at Glastonbury in front of 100,000+ people in the U.K. beginning in just about half an hour. As is customary with their shows, the band likes to have a group of impostors known as “The Reflektors” to come on stage in larger-than-life paper mache heads as a fake out. Today, that group of people will be none other than Brooklyn-based Rubblebucket.

You may recall Jesse Pinkman making a big fuss on Twitter following the band’s Coachella gig. He too was picked to jump on stage and dance around with the band during “Normal Person” in a giant Pope Francis paper mache head.

Rubblebucket is performing at the festival and will be on tour throughout the U.K. until (ironically) July 4. The band is preparing for the release of their new album Survival Sounds due out August 26. Pre-orders for the record are ongoing.