Rich Robinson Continues Feud with His Brother Chris in New _Rolling Stone_ Interview

February 8, 2018

Black Crowes fans hoping for a Robinson family reunion will have to keep waiting.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone about his band The Magpie Salute, Rich Robinson had some choice words for his older brother and former Black Crowes bandmate Chris. 

“He has a tendency to run his mouth. And actions speak louder than words. So now he’s in a Black Crowes tribute band,” Rich said, referring to Chris’ new Black Crowes-centric band As The Crow Flies. (In 2017, during an appearance on the Howard Stern Show, Chris dismissed The Magpie Salute as a “Black Crowes tribute band.”)

“Saying I’m in a Black Crowes tribute band is him trying to diminish the fact that those are my songs and I’m out there playing my songs with the guys that actually played on those records,” Rich added later.

The guitarist also told the magazine that he views The Magpie Salute as his “main outlet,” and lamented how Chris wanted to restructure band members’ salaries during their 2015 breakup: “He pretends to be this peace-loving hippie that doesn’t care about money, while trying to take everyone’s money.”

As for the inevitable question of whether the Black Crowes will ever get back onstage, Rich isn’t hopeful. 

“I kind of feel like it’s in the Kinks realm where it’s just done,” he said. “I’m really happy not to play with [Chris]. I don’t think it’s healthy for anyone to be around that. If he’s truly happy playing CRB [Chris Robinson Brotherhood] songs and that it’s silly to play Black Crowes songs until he’s ready to do it, then it’s great. So be it.”

All things considered, Rich still expressed affection for his brother, saying, “I wish Chris well. Ultimately, I love him. He’s incredibly talented and a great singer. I wish him well.”

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