Raves “R” Us Was Too Perfect for This World

Matt Inman on April 12, 2018

If your childhood was anything like mine, a trip to Toys “R” Us was one of the greatest joys in life. And while being set free in that giant wonderland to see what new Power Rangers toys I
needed to have next was great and all, some folks in the UK might have attempted to improve upon that perfection. 

In case you hadn’t heard, Toys “R” Us stores are closing across the world as the company goes out of business after a September 2017 bankruptcy declaration, but an intrepid group on Londonites in Hounslow tried to take advantage of the situation by commandeering an empty store for a massive rave—appropriately dubbed Raves “R” Us.

Unfortunately, as the 
New York Post reports, these heroes flew a bit too close to the sun and the whole endeavor was shut down before it could even achieve its intended glory.  Hounslow police tweeted out that they arrested five individuals for the “unlicensed music event,” but not without sharing the store’s sign that had been slightly altered for the occasion.

Cheers, Raves “R” Us, this world didn’t deserve you.