Premiere: Hot Buttered Rum Collaborate with ALO and Rainbow Girls on “Deep End”

July 10, 2018

Photo credit: Matt Sharkey

On July 20, Hot Buttered Rum will release Lonesome Panoramic, their sixth studio album. The quintet produced the record, which they recorded at Panoramic House Studio in Stinson Beach, CA. The group’s Nat Keefe explains, “Lonesome Panoramic is the result of different thematic and stylistic threads that Butter has been chasing over the years: driving uptempo stringband tunes, layers of dark lonesome drum grooves, letting things go, and embracing what we have.”

Today we premiere “The Deep End,” which features guests appearances by ALO and Rainbow Girls. Keefe explains, “We co-host the Camp Deep End festival every September in Mendocino, CA, with our old pals ALO. It’s at Camp Navarro, a decommissioned Boy Scout camp a friend of ours has repurposed for such things. The idea is to create an event we’ll bring our kids to for years to come, and a weekend where both bands can stretch out and play lots of sets, collaborate, and do our thing in the biggest way possible, and a place for our extended community to enjoy family, friends and music together. We aspire to PG days and R-rated nights…Last year I got the notion to write a Deep End song. I came up with the verse groove and melody and first verse words, then sent it to Erik and ALO’s Zach and Lebo. No big surprise they all came back with what you hear here.”

HBR’s co-founder Eric Yates adds, “One of the album’s two writing collaborations, it was so rewarding to finish our verses and then send it off to Zack, Lebo, and the Rainbows for their parts.”

Tomorrow afternoon, July 11, the group will appear at AT&T Park to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” before the San Francisco Giants take on the Chicago Cubs.