Premiere: Drivin’ N Cryin’ “Keeping It Close To My Heart” From Remastered _Too Late to Turn Back Now_

June 20, 2018

Southern rockers Drivin’ N Cryin’ have just announced that they will rerelease a remastered edition of their eponymous album from 1997 as Too Late to Turn Back Now on July 27 via New West Records, and today we premiere the remastered edition of lead track “Keepin’ It Close To My Heart.”

“Where does a band go after it’s been let go by not one but two major labels? That’s where Drivin’ N Cryin’ was in the mid nineties,” vocalist and guitarist Kevn Kinney—who along with bassist Tim Nielsen and drummer Jeff Sullivan founded the trio—tells Relix. “Giving up was never even an idea. We decided painters don’t paint for galleries, painters paint. Galleries sell paintings. We might have lost our big galleries, but we didn’t want that to define us. And 23 years later in 2018, we still not only believe it, we live it. The opening line says it all—it’s too late to turn back now! Are you ready?!?”

Kinney also digs into the song’s content, saying, “As with most of my lyrics sometimes she is just she. And sometimes she is America. Sometimes she is the establishment. Sometimes she is God. ‘I wrote your name on the side of the bridge, commitment.’ ‘Called your home but then I hung up what was I gonna say.’ Those are reminders to me about my career and drive as an artist. I often ask young writers in bands when they ask me how do you make it—I usually reply, ‘I’m not sure what is it that you have to say? What do want to share?’ I felt like calling other labels and trying to get another long term deal…but why?! I can still record. I can still tour. I can still write. I can still dream. I hung up what was I gonna say. My name’s already on the overpasses of many an American sonic overpass. The Kids Are Alright! The music for the song was inspired by Empty Glass by Pete Townsend, who, ironically, heard Too Late to Turn Back Now through his manager and our agent Lott, and asked us to open for The Who on the eastern leg of the Quadrophenia Tour. Not only did they pay us, but gave us seven seats a night to watch the show. Didn’t miss one note.”

Listen to “Keepin’ It Close To My Heart” below, and pre-order Too Late to Turn Back Now here

Too Late To Turn Back Now Tracklist:

1. Keepin’ It Close To My Heart
2. Roof Garden
3. I’ve Got A Message
4. Drivin’ N Cryin’
5. Around The Long Way
6. Let Lenny B
7. Paid In Full
8. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
9. Beneath The Undertow
10. Passing Through
11. Leaving On A Jet Plane
12. Nothing To Lose