Premiere: Bootsy Collins Directs New Video for “Bewise”

September 14, 2021
Premiere: Bootsy Collins Directs New Video for “Bewise”

photo credit: Patti Collins

“The power of the one breaks down barriers,” Bootsy Collins told Relix earlier this year, when discussing his latest studio record, The Power of the One. “The goal is to bring everybody together, without the name calling. We’re all on one planet—spinning around in space—and we have to work and live together. That’s the power of the one.”

While working on the album and seeking to share this powerful message, Collins reached out to his friend, Robert Harding. The two collaborated on the song “Bewise.”

As Bootsy explains, “When I was recording The Power of the One I said, now is the time to ‘Bewise.’ We were all on lockdown and able to research and reset the pathways and highways in our minds.  I believe the reflections of this song are not judgmental or preaching or talking at you, but rather talking with you.  We all have these same humps that we as a people, as a community, as a nation have to get over.  The message is clear!  ‘Bewise’ and talk with each other.  We can work it out, like my man Stevie Wonder said.” 

Today we premiere the official video for the “Bewise,” which Collins himself directed.

Looking ahead to next month, Bootsy will turn 70 on October 26. He will mark the occasion and also celebrate his favorite holiday at Bootsy’s Birthday Monster Mash Hard Rock Cafe in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 30. Limited tickets are available for dinner with Bootsy followed by an auction, presented by Stereo Dinner, with additional information available here

“Bewise” credits

Written by Bootsy Collins, Robert Harding 

Video directed by:  Bootsy Collins  

Remix: Fred Wreck

DJ: Tobotius

Keyboards: West Coast Stone

Bass: MonoNeon

Live Drums: John Blackwell

Guitars: Bootsy Collins

Percussion: Bootsy Collins

Live Horns: Brennan Johns

Rap Vocals: Bewise

Background Vocals:  Bootsy Collins, Danielle René Withers, Bewise