People Are Now Peeling Potatoes at Liam Gallagher Gigs and Life is Wonderful

November 9, 2017

We’ve reached the apex of the petty war between the Gallagher brothers, and its all over a pair of completely random objects. 

It all started with Noel performing on Later…with Jools Holland where he actually (seriously) had someone playing the scissors. It was such a baffling choice for a background instrument that of course everyone flocked to Liam’s Twitter mentions waiting for a take on it. Of course, Gallagher mocked his brother up and down the internet, even going as far as to solicite someone peel a potato on stage. Remember, potato was the pet name Liam gave to his brother a while back. 

And by god, it actually happened. A couple of nights later, Liam’s London gig was littered with people peeling actual potatoes in the air and Liam was delighted. 

Watch the peeler in action.