Mike Gordon “Elated To Be On Tour” in New Video Post

October 18, 2018
Mike Gordon “Elated To Be On Tour” in New Video Post


After two well-received shows in Albany, NY, Phish bassist Mike Gordon was compelled to post a quick video to his Twitter and let fans know how he’s feeling at this juncture of Fall Tour.

“It’s just so friggin’ gorgeous here in Richmond, Virginia on my day off,” Gordon says. “And I feel so elated to be on tour and have this fun, creative outlet.”

Gordon adds that he’s excited to be in a neighborhood filled with cobblestone streets, coffee shops and instrument stores. He appreciates how the city has “a culture that reaches toward innovation”—a statement you could apply to Phish as well.

“I start to feel like every step I’m taking, I’m being at home. I feel elated and liberated and just so thankful that it’s so beautiful and I get to be here right now in Richmond, Virginia,” he says with a smile.

Watch the full post below: