Mayor Pete Could Get Phish to Play His Inauguration

April 18, 2019
Mayor Pete Could Get Phish to Play His Inauguration

Trey Anastasio by Peter Wallace

As part of our ongoing investigation into Pete Buttigieg’s jam-scene cred, a new clip from TMZ has revealed that the presidential hopeful wouldn’t mind seeing Phish perform at his inauguration.

“If you win the presidency who would be your dream performer at your inauguration?” the cameraman asks. “I know you’re into classic rock. So maybe it would be Phish?”

Instantly, you can see Mayor Pete’s eyes light up with the prospect. “If you could get Phish to do an inauguration, that’d be something,” he says, as the opening bars of “You Enjoy Myself” presumably start ringing through his head. “It’s worth a shot, maybe we should ask them.”

Earlier this week, Mayor Pete not only held a rally at New York’s jam epicenter – the Brooklyn Bowl – but also revealed that Phish’s classic “Tweezer Reprise” is one of the tunes on his campaign playlist.

See you on lot, Pete!

Watch below: