Learn How to Play Umphrey’s McGee’s “Remind Me” from Jake Cinninger

Matt Inman on February 13, 2018

Umphrey’s McGee guitar wizard Jake Cinninger is on a mission to share some of his magic with the masses in the latest installment of the band’s Boondock Series of videos. Here, he begins a lesson on how to play UM’s “Remind Me,” which appears on the group’s new album it’s not us

Cinninger just goes over the opening lick in this video, with further lessons to follow. To start, he simply (“simply”) plays the chord progression/lick in real time, and I won’t judge any amateur guitarists out there for giving up on the lesson upon watching some of the more nimble moves he makes, because: damn. Lucky for us, the guitarist then slows down (slightly) and dissects the progression to make the lesson a bit easier to swallow. Cinninger even gives a bit of the origin of the tune, recalling the live jam in which he came up with the basis of it, and compares the progression to the Umphrey’s classic “In the Kitchen.”

Watch below and listen to the original studio track, and watch out for more wizardry lessons to come.