Just a Picture of Dallas Green and Win Butler Playing Basketball with the Toronto Raptors

Rob Slater on March 13, 2014

Dallas Green (City and Colour) and Arcade Fire’s Win Butler are two of the coolest guys in music today, because today is the day they got to hoop with Toronto Raptors star Amir Johnson, according to this tweet from the Raptors PR account. Both have extensive ties to Canada, as Green was born in St. Catharines, just an hour away from Toronto. Butler, of course, started what is now the biggest rock band in the world with musicians around the Montreal area.

As far as their ties to basketball, well, you may have to dig a little deeper. But not too deep. Green is a massive self-admitted sports fan, like most red-blooded Americ….Canadians. He was really, really mad when Steve Nash (also Canadian) chose to go to the Los Angeles Lakers instead of coming home to the Raptors, he almost got into a fight at a Blue Jays game and even provides the soundtrack to many baseball players’ walk-up music. So he’s like every other sports fan, except infinitely cooler.

Butler is of course a huge basketball fan (for comparison, he stands at 6’4″ while Raptors forward Johnson is a terrifying 6’9″) and is mostly known for holding intense on-tour pick-up games, some of which resulted in broken noses, as well as his impressive performance at former Raptor Matt Bonner’s charity event where he beat the 42% career 3PT shooter (which is really, really good) in a three-point contest. You can watch him gloat alongside Bonner below.

However, not all Butler/basketball stories are positive. Allegedly, a 2007 pickup game ended in tragedy when Butler ALLEGEDLY stole an innocent bystander’s basketball. You can read a detailed account of the horrifying tale right here as well as the odd connection between that event and the recent situation that unfolded in Australia following a brush with Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament.

Regardless, two big basketball fans surely getting to live out a dream shooting around with one of the bright, young stars in the NBA. And, while the Raptors are 36-27 and third in the Eastern Conference, they could certainly use more shooting help (Toronto ranks 23rd in shooting percentage), so why not try out Win on a ten-day contract? Not like he’s busy or anything.