John Mayer Wants You to Send Him a Letter

Matt Inman on January 11, 2018

In a recent post to 
his frequently entertaining Instagram, John Mayer has put out the call for his fans (and non-fans, I guess), to join him in a “return to naturalism” with a good old fashioned snail-mail pen-pal endeavor. 

“Let’s correspond,” the Dead & Company guitarist writes. “Real paper. Real ink. Real names.” Maybe it’s a wave of nostalgia, maybe it’s something that’s rubbed off on him from the Grateful Dead elder statesmen he’s been hanging out with these days, but either way, Mayer wants you to grab the nearest typewriter and peck out a “one page, properly formatted letter” for him, and he will respond in kind – at least to some of them. 

I’ve never met Mayer, but though he catches a fair amount of flak for arriving to the Grateful Dead party later in life, writing sometimes-questionable songs despite obvious talent and being an outright ass in a couple of interviews years ago, he seems like a person who realized some of his mistakes and genuinely wants to move on and be real, so when he shows up with this sort of hipster-pleasing typewriter stunt, I’m actually of the mind that it comes from a genuine place.

Agree or disagree, but you know you have some things to say to him, so bust out that old Remington and find Mayer’s P.O. box address in his note below.

2018: a return to naturalism. Let’s correspond. Real paper. Real ink. Real names. Here’s the plan: get yourself a typewriter (@californiatypewriter and Etsy have some great ones) and send me a one page, properly formatted letter (formal or informal) and I will reply to a few every morning. Include return envelope/postage if you’re overseas.

PO Box 3784
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
United States.