John Mayer May Have Started the Next Internet Fad

January 2, 2018

The quickest way to start a new trend on the internet and be inducted into the annals of digital history (which get cleaned out about every 12–24 hours or so, depending on the latest presidential tweet) is to take a picture or video of yourself and call it “The _______ Challenge.” John Mayer get it.

The Dead & Company guitarist apparently has some free time on his hands, as displayed by a recent Instagram post showing Mayer semi-topless in mockery of/homage to a scene from the new Star Wars film in which villain Kylo Ren sports a similar look. I haven’t seen it yet, but apparently fans either weren’t sure how to take the costuming choice or just straight up weren’t into it. 

No spoilers here, fortunately, just John Mayer kicking off the latest internet fad with the steely visage of Ren himself (complete with the requisite hashtag). For the record, Kylo, you could probably benefit from some similar pirate-esque facial hair to increase your badass factor. Just saying. 

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