John Mayer is Ready for Dead & Company Tour Because He’s Dropping LSD Jokes on Twitter

November 7, 2017

Dead & Company’s tour kicks off proper at Madison Square Garden on November 12 but the band will play a show this Friday as a part of the wildfire benefit show in San Francisco and it appears John Mayer is ready to go. 

Not only did the guitarist share on social media earlier this week that he’s heading out west, but the social media humor has quickly switched to LSD jokes that surely killed at soundcheck. 

Mayer of course is referring to Timothy Leary and making a grand pun in the process, continuing his bid for funniest person alive. 

Speaking of LSD, Oteil Burbridge owns the title belt for the best Dead & Company-related LSD story as he recalled his experience at the Gorge. The bassist pointed out how he’d been “chasing” Mayer throughout the tour. “I caught his ass that night and he knew it,” Burbridge said. “Afterwards, he sat Bill and me down and was like, ‘What happened? What is this all about?’ It was hilarious. I was like, ‘Yeah, I got you.'”