John Mayer Gave a Fake TED Talk to Family and Friends for His Birthday, is Funniest Person Alive

October 18, 2017

I’m starting to drift towards the opinion that John Mayer is one of the funniest dudes alive, and here is example #800 in that study. 

For his 40th birthday, along with gifting himself a The Dude chain littered with diamonds, all Mayer wanted was to sit around and give a fake TED talk about any topic thrown at him. And that’s exactly what happened. 

A post on his Instagram account details the night, with Mayer saying: “All I wanted for my birthday was to be surrounded by my incredible friends and family, and to bullshit my way through a fake TED talk on crazy topics that were revealed to me on the spot. I got got both.”

Here he is, bullshitting his way through the pros and cons of the Middle Child Syndrome. Please let there be video.