Jimmy Fallon is Stoked About Bob Dylan’s No Cell Phone Policy

June 16, 2017

Jimmy Fallon opened up
The Tonight Show last night by talking a bit about his night on Wednesday, when he happened to take in a Bob Dylan concert at Port Chester, NY’s Capitol Theatre, and the newly bearded late-night host was apparently very excited about the legendary songwriter’s no cell phone policy at his concerts.

“He asks that you don’t take pictures or videos or photos during the show, and everyone totally obeyed the rules and totally respected him. Not one cell phone,” Fallon remembers. “I was in the balcony, and I could just see 2,000 people, just watching a concert. I hadn’t seen that in 10 years. It was fantastic. It was like going in a time machine.” 

Fallon even praised Dylan’s frequently maligned growly voice, which has only gotten more gravelly in his older age. That, at least, is something no one will ever accuse him of stealing.

Watch the clip below.