IGE Music & Art Immersion in Venice (A Gallery)

March 23, 2018

This past October, Innovative Giving Enhancement (IGE) hosted the 2017 installment of their Music & Art Immersion experience, which took a group of musicians and fans for a 10-day trip to Venice, Italy, for a dive into the art and culture of the city along with performances from the collected artists, including Greensky Bluegrass’ Anders Beck and Paul Hoffman, The String Cheese Incident’s Bill Nershi and Keith Moseley, Railroad Earth’s Tim Carbone, Nicki Bluhm, Everyone Orchestra conductor Matt Butler, Scott Law, Ross James and Jilian Nershi. See what the group got up to in the photo gallery below (shot by Lauren Massie). 

Nicki Bluhm solo during the American Sacred Music performance at the Church of Santa Maria della Visitazione

Anders Beck, Paul Hoffman, Bill Nershi, Keith Moseley, Nicki Bluhm, Scott Law, Jilian Nershi, Tim Carbone and Ross James at the Church of Santa Maria della Visitazione

Nicki Bluhm, Ross James, Keith Moseley and locals during Grateful Monday at Cafe Paradiso Perduto

Paul Hoffman, Bill Nershi, Keith Moseley and Anders Beck at the Bluegrass House Concert on Grand Canal

Matt Butler, Keith Moseley, Bill Nershi and Ross James at The Generator

Paul Hoffman, Tim Carbone and Anders Beck take over at Palazzo Albrizzi

Gala concert finale at the Palazzo Albrizzi

IGE Immersion musicians and community outside the Palazzo Albrizzi

Nicki Bluhm and Ross James stroll down an enchanted Venetian lane

Scott Law holds court during an al fresco jam in Campo Santo Stefano

Paul Hoffman and Anders Beck take in the view during an Immersion rooftop jam session