Hermanos Gutiérrez Share Animated Video and Spotify Playlist of Musical Influences

May 24, 2021
Hermanos Gutiérrez Share Animated Video and Spotify Playlist of Musical Influences

The aptly named guitar duo Hermanos Gutiérrez features brothers Alejandro and Stephan Gutiérrez. The two musicians draw on the Latin America sound of the 1950s for their instrumental offerings. Today they have released a video for their new song, “Esperanza” which features animation by Spanish visual artist María Medem. As Alejandro Gutiérrez explains, “’Esperanza’ is the name of a woman riding on her horse through the desert, who connected to nature and is transported to a dream world. The dream is a metaphor, with the hope that we’ll all be close again.”

Beyond the video which appears below, the Gutiérrez brothers have created a Spotify playlist that conveys a sense of their musical origins and intents. They tell Relix, “We created a little playlist with our favorite artists from the 50s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  We wouldn’t be the musicians as we are today without having listened to these songs.”


Julio Jaramillo –  Nuestro Juramento (1957)

Julio Jaramillo’s guitar player, Rosalino Quintero, is our all-time favorite guitar player.

Pantera – Siete Potencias (1979)

Pantera’s organ is a killer.

Los Panchos – Lejos de Borinquen (ca. 1950)

Los Panchos are los panchos, such an epic latin Trio!

Los Indios Tabajaras – Ternura (1962)

They inspired us in believing that music can be told with only two guitars.

Sandro – Trigal (1987)

The song has such a catchy rhythm and the combination with Sandro’s voice, the piano and the violin is just brilliant!

Los Angeles Negros –  Murió la Flor (1970)

If there wasn’t a band with the name Los Angeles Negros I guess we would have picked that name for us…

Los Chicanos – Tu eres mi destino (1973)

What a band!   We listen to this song so many times on repeat.

Alci Acosta – Volver (1950)

The peruvian singer Alci Acosta brings us back to the 50’s with another beautiful Bolero, capturing that period in a nostalgic way.

Los Desellos – Huascarán

A great instrumental song taking us on a trip to the Andes.