Here’s the Ten Best Pearl Jam Songs Written by Stone Gossard

Rob Slater on July 20, 2016

Today, we celebrate 50 years of Stone Gossard, easily one of the most underrated and overlooked guitar players on this lovely planet. If Eddie Vedder is the outward driving force of Pearl Jam, one of this universe’s finest musical creations, then Gossard is the inward force, the songwriting rock of one of the greatest rock bands ever. 

He’ll probably never take credit to such a claim, but Gossard’s work stands up for itself, as the guitarist has had a major hand in some of the group’s most iconic numbers, starting with songs like “Even Flow,” “Alive” and “Once” from their landmark debut Ten all the way to present day, where Gossard most recently contributed “Let the Records Play” to Lightning Bolt

As you’ll see below, as we present the ten best Stone Gossard Pearl Jam tunes in no particular order, the guitarist has had a hand in some of the band’s most unique tunes, from the haunting (“All Those Yesterdays,” “Fatal”) and beautiful (“Thin Air,” “Of the Girl”) to the iconic (“Alive,” “Once,” “Animal), Gossard’s dynamic songwriting style has always been a steady presence for the band (hell, he practically saved the Binaural record) over their 20+ year career. 

“All Those Yesterdays”

“Thin Air”

“Of the Girl”


“In Hiding”

“Hold On”


“Spin the Black Circle”