For Some Reason, Fyre Fest Head Billy McFarland Thinks The Festival is Returning in 2018

Rob Slater on April 29, 2017

Yesterday we told you about Fyre Festival, a luxurious event in the Bahamas that turned into a cheese sandwich-eating modern-day Lord of the Flies thanks to a festival site that was virtually non-existent leaving people stranded for days. 

But festival head Billy McFarland hopes you’ll come back next year. 

In a cute testimonial published by Rolling Stone, Billy calls this the “toughest day of my life.” He recalls his love of computer programming, the ocean and rap music which led him to team up with Ja Rule for this event. 

“We went out excited, and that’s when a lot roadblocks hit,” he says as he goes on to say that The Exumas–a 37-mile stretch of 365 islands in the Bahamas–admittedly “didn’t have a great infrastructure.” Alas, the festival planning continued. 

“There wasn’t a great way to get guests in here–we were a little ambitious,” McFarland continued, also adding that the island didn’t come equipped with water or sewage, so they had to install all of that on their own. When water and sewage pipes are installed half-assedly and a storm rolls through (as it did the morning of the festival), shit (literally) hits the fan. 

The understatement of the century comes later on as McFarland says they were “naive” in assuming they could do it themselves. But fear not, because they’re learning for next year. 

NEXT YEAR?! You have to be kidding me. Maybe McFarland’s Rolling Stone puff piece is some sort of ass-covering maneuver for when the lawsuits surely come pouring in, but to think this festival is coming back next year (McFarland says they’re shooting for May 2018 and to add another note of “please don’t sue me” onto this, they’ll be donating $1.50 per ticket to the Bahamian Red Cross) is where the real naivety comes in.