Even Barack Obama Has a Prince Story

Matt Inman on January 11, 2018

Everyone has their Prince story. Of course there’s the much-quoted Charlie Murphy story about pancakes and basketball that was famously immortalized by Dave Chappelle, but there are also innumerable deeper cuts like Trey Anastasio and Phish being invited to Prince’s Paisley Park for mini cereal boxes of Cap’n Crunch, Jimmy Fallon being challenged by Prince to a ping pong game the night Fallon’s daughter was born and many more. Now, former president Barack Obama is joining the League of Prince Storytellers.

The story comes from a clip of Obama’s interview as part of David Letterman’s upcoming Netflix talk show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, which will see the legendary pride-of-Indiana host brush up on his interviewing skills while still – thank god – sporting that epic, Civil-War-general beard. 

In the short clip, Obama recalls a time not long before Prince’s untimely passing in which the Purple One visited the White House. Obama’s daughter Sasha, who the former president calls “an excellent dancer,” was dancing with Prince before pulling her father onto the dance floor. “Which surprises me,” he says, “because she always mocks my dancing. I have ‘dad’ moves.” He also reveals his secret to classy dad dancing at parties. Watch below.

Admittedly, the story is more about Obama than Prince, but it seems that there’s probably more to the tale that will be revealed when the episode appears on Netflix tomorrow, January 12. Personally, I vote that Letterman’s next endeavor is a series of interviews where celebrities recount their various Prince stories. Instant hit.