Even After All These Years, Trey Anastasio Still Reminds Himself to “Look Up”

July 21, 2016

Maybe J Walter Weatherman got it right: That’s why you always leave a note. Trey Anastasio left himself a note last night during Phish’s smoking finale from Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, reminding himself to “LOOK UP” at the audience, presumably to mask the fact that he had some lyrical help during what appears to be the “Cry Baby Cry” bustout. 

A photo from Rene Huemer on stage last night uncovered by Twitter shows thinly taped messages to “LOOK UP” right by the printed out lyrics. All in the name of showbuisness, I suppose, as last night’s Bill Graham closer featured twelve tour debuts in the first set alone and one of the standout shows of the entire tour. Check out the full image and zoomed in view above. 

And if you’re wondering why Anastasio is on the floor at this present moment, it was during some “Big Black Furry Creatures from Mars” fun.