Dennis Rodman Says Pearl Jam’s “Black” Saved His Life

April 17, 2017

Dennis Rodman will forever be one of the most misunderstood and fascinating figures in all of sports history. His story remains somewhat untold, although you can find bits and pieces of it in the incredible 30 for 30 documentary on Rodman and the Detroit Pistons, affectionately nicknamed The Bad Boys. 

The NBA Champion also recently sat down with sports broadcaster Joe Buck on his show Undeniable and discussed one of the darkest days of his life, when he was sitting in his car with a gun outside of the Palace of Auburn Hills. 

As Alternative Nation reported, Rodman calls that a “life changing experience” for him. “Something that saved me was the fact that I was listening to Pearl Jam a lot,” Rodman told Buck, another big Pearl Jam fan. 

“Pearl Jam saved your life?” Buck asked. “Pretty much. That’s all I listened to the whole time.” 

Rodman credits the song “Black” for essentially saving his life, as he notes he became a fan of Pearl Jam after meeting Eddie Vedder and following the singer’s suggestion to check out his band. “I went and got that album [Ten] and I would played it every day. For some reason, that song was on, I think that saved my life.”

Watch below.