Dave Grohl Recalls That Time Taylor Swift Saved Him from Embarrassing Himself in Front of Paul McCartney

June 24, 2016

Dave Grohl owes a lot to Taylor Swift, as it turns out. One night at a party hosted by Paul McCartney, Grohl found himself “super high” and being urged to hop on the piano to play a song, which McCartney had just played. 

“I don’t know how to play piano. I can’t play fucking piano,” Grohl recalls. When he realized he was majorly screwed after he remembered that all of McCartney’s guitars were left-handed, the pop starlet stood up and volunteered to play a song. “Oh thank God, Taylor Swift’s here. Fucking Batman when you need him,” he joked. The Foo Fighters frontman then decided to jam with Swift, picking up a left handed bass from McCartney’s stash. Needless to say it didn’t go all that well until Grohl realized Swift was actually playing the band’s song “Best of You.” 

Listen to the whole story below from Grohl’s recent invite-only acoustic show at Cannes Lions.