Bill Walton Again Tortured Poor Dave Pasch Last Night

December 6, 2017

We’ve told you a lot about Bill Walton’s travels with his personal punching bag Dave Pasch, who also sometimes doubles as a professional sports broadcaster (and a damn good one at that). Last night, the two were paired together once again to call a wildly entertaining basketball game between Arizona and Texas A&M and Walton was in rare form.

Walton did the thing where he takes one sliver of information related to the game and extrapolates it into a wonderful tangent. “Coal, Oil City, fossil fuels. I’m into the future like Alonzo Trier, DeAndre Aiden, College Station, Tucson, Phoenix, Arizona, sunshine, solar.”

“You’ve never been to College Station,” Pasch deadpanned. Their dynamic continues to be the greatest in all of televised sports. 

Here’s the tl;dr version for your records, and this is just a five-minute span. Protect Bill Walton at all costs.