Album Premiere: Craig Greenberg _The Grand Loss & Legacy_

May 15, 2015

The news studio album from RelixOFF! winner Craig Greenberg is set for release on May 15. The Grand Loss & Legacy finds Greenberg performing on piano, keyboards (organ, Fender Rhodes, farfisa, synthesizers), acoustic and electric guitars, percussion and vocals. Greenberg explains,I lost my mom last year, while I was finishing up the record, and while it’s been a very difficult time, I was fortunate a short while after she passed, in reflecting on her life and looking for the positive, to realize the parts of who she was that are in me (some that may have been more latent than others) and that I now feel obliged to embrace and carry forward with me in my life, hence the “legacy.” I liked having the word “Grand” in there as well for several reasons. First my mom was larger than life in some ways, and I thought the classic use (from the 1920’s) of the word applied to how she lived. Also, I live off of Grand Street in Brooklyn, and made the record very close by.  I wanted this record to be more raw and closer to how my band sounds live, and I also wanted it to have a larger dynamic range than my last record. I think we captured that live energy, with just a bit of polish added to it. I was far more of a perfectionist on my last record, and this one just sounds more natural and flows better. It’s definitely a solid grouping of songs that I think will hold up over time. To me, it really sounds likes an album, with the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.”  Today we offer a premiere stream of the record, which is now available. Greenberg will play an album release show at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 on Saturday night.

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