Bass Whiz Tal Wilkenfeld Explores New Textures with ‘Love Remains’ (Album Premiere)

March 14, 2019
Bass Whiz Tal Wilkenfeld Explores New Textures with ‘Love Remains’ (Album Premiere)

Photo Credit: Timothy White

Tal Wilkenfeld has gained notoriety over the past few years for her dynamic work on bass in Jeff Beck’s band, as well as her opening slot on The Who’s 2017 North American tour. However, her new record, Love Remains, which is set for release on March 15, showcases another side of the artist beyond her instrument prowess. Wilkenfeld co-produced the record with Paul Stacey (Oasis, Black Crowes) and wrote the ten songs, which explore themes of love and desire. She also sings lead on this material, which she recorded with guitarist Blake Mills, keyboard players Benmont Tench and Zac Rae, as well as drummer Jeremy Stacey.

Wilkenfeld tells Relix, “A few years ago, I decided to name my album Love Remains. The ambiguity of that combination of words fascinated me—love that endures or the remnants of love, or both. Since my early teen years, I have been drawn to eastern teachings and the experience of ‘desirelessness.’ Ironically, I have desired to experience that state of non-duality, a theme that I explore repeatedly in this album. For instance, the lyric ‘I don’t wanna want you’ from the title track.

“Paul Stacey and I produced [the album] and recorded it at East West Studios with the exception of the two (primarily) solo pieces. ‘Haunted Love’ and ‘One Thing After Another’ were recorded at Groovemasters Studios. Some of my favorite musical moments in the album are Blake Mills’ guitar playing on ‘Corner Painter’ and ‘Killing Me’, Benmont Tench’s tear-jerking and brilliant piano solo (which sounds like a pre-written melody) on ‘Pieces of Me’, the string arrangement on ‘Haunted Love’, and the woodwind arrangement on “One Thing After Another”.

“I put a lot of thought into the song selection, arrangements, and even the track order. My desire, despite the new fashionable single-song market, would be for you to listen to it from top to bottom.”

Love Remains is now available for pre-order.

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