Album Premiere: Hearty Har ‘Radio Astro’

February 17, 2021
Album Premiere: Hearty Har ‘Radio Astro’

“When you hear really good rock ‘n’ roll music, you’re a little bit mystified – ‘How is this made? How is this even possible?'” ponders Hearty Har’s Tyler Fogerty, ahead of the band’s new release Radio Astro.

Consisting of brothers Tyler Fogerty and Shane Fogerty – both the sons of Creedence Clearwater Revival legend John Fogerty – Hearty Har will celebrate the release of Radio Astro on Friday Feb. 19.

However, fans of Relix can get a preview taste of the LP right now.

The brothers pull from a wide swath of influences on this project, from spaghetti westerns (“Fare Thee Well”) to Tom Petty (“Don’t Go Looking for Me”) to the idea that you need to find beauty as the tide changes (“Waves of Ecstasy”), proving their description as “part perfectionists and part mad scientists.”

Listen to the full album via YouTube playlist here or in order below:

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