Here’s our June Digital Sampler

June 4, 2019

We’ve just posted our June digital sampler. Click here to download the tracks.

You can also enjoy a combined playlist of our CD and digital tracks via Spotify:


Download all digital tracks HERE.

Hollis Brown
“Do Me Right”
From the album Ozone Park
Cool Green Recordings / Mascot Label Group
Hollis Brown, a rock ’n’ roll band from Queens, NY, weave through a cohesive, dynamically exciting blend of Soul, Americana, Funk and fuzzy Hard Rock, on their third full-length album, Ozone Park. “Do Me Right” is the first single released from the upcoming record.

Hot Jam Factory
“Summer Time”
From the album Hot Jam Factory and the Hi-Fi Underside
CI Records
Hot Jam Factory‘s second full-length album, Hot Jam Factory and the Hi-Fi Underside, is a new and exciting chapter for Indie Rock. The album narrates the here-and-now through anthemic, emotionally captivating tracks that seamlessly flow into one another. A must-listen coming-of-age album.

Medusa’s Disco
“Painters Painting Paintings”
Discult Records
Medusa’s Disco conjures the conductor and lays down the tracks for their high-speed train roll through a realm of odd, yet familiar, feelings, creatures and catastrophes. Wynton Huddle and Hunter Root harmoniously guide listeners through their lyrics’ careful images while simultaneously shredding guitar. Together with Alex Aument (drums) and Justin Wohlfeil (bass), Medusa’s Disco breaks heavy sound waves with a medley of rock styles.

Black Garlic
“Blound Brears” Feat. John Colby Elswick and Kyle Travers
From the album Wattz
Hailing from Fayetteville, WV, Black Garlic is reinventing what it means to be a jamband. In a hypnotizing mixture of funk, jazz and rock, Black Garlic transports listeners into a haunting psychedelic adventure. Their lively performances allow audiences to feel like friends and not strangers.

Moves Collective
“Pluto and Mars”
From the album Beauty of the Road
Moves Collective has been coined as “Ameridelic Rock”, and “Pluto and Mars” encompasses the genre perfectly. Their latest album, Beauty of the Road reflects on the trials of travel from hilarity to despair. Live, their songs are treated with form-breaking improv, making every show unique.

The High Plains Drifters
“Summer Girl”
From the album The High Plains Drifters
The High Plains Drifters are a new band that is effortlessly merging various genres with their infectious music that speaks to the rebel in all of us. The group brings together a bygone sound, reminiscent of the true country standards of yesteryear by Cash, Jones, Perkins and Haggard.

Lower Case Blues
“No Good Reason”
From the album Live at Dogfish Head
Lower Case Blues are excited to announce their new release Live at Dogfish Head, which features their unique style of blues, with a heavy dose of improv that they are known for at live performances. The trio includes Jake Banaszak, BJ Muntz and Paul Weik.

Deep Sea Gypsies
“Rocky Mountain Line”
From the album Rough Waters
The Deep Sea Gypsies play their own brand of blues roots, rock and roll. With influences such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Rory Gallagher, Muddy Waters and Lynyrd Skynyrd, just to name a few, some might say they have souls much older than their age would suggest. Long Live Rock!

One Time Weekend
From the album Weekend at the Circus
Since 2016, One Time Weekend has made an impact as one of the youngest talents in the New England music scene. Fans love their music for its energy and storytelling qualities, as well as its composition and creativity. Weekend at the Circus is their new debut album. Experience them live!

The Funk Factory
“Free Alice”
From the album Smile
Radio Gunner
The Funk Factory is a fun five-piece jamband from Toledo, Ohio. For them, funk is more of a mindset than a genre. Their sound is a unique blend of Psychedelic Rock, Funk, Reggae, Blues, and much more! With a healthy catalog of original tunes and a few choice covers, no two shows are ever the same.

One Way Traffic
From the single Pretendencies
One Way Traffic is a St. Louis-based band with an eclectic mix of bluegrass, Americana,folk and blues. All members are songwriters. What gives the band an undeniable edge is their outlook on making music: they strive to connect.

Daniel James’ Brass Camel
“A Long Way to Go”
From the album Daniel James’ Brass Camel
Imagine Yes, George Clinton and Led Zeppelin had a three-way…in Canada. Out pops Brass Camel, a self-proclaimed prog-funk quintet with a fresh, original sound. The Camel is led by 25-year-old Daniel James who once performed with Les Paul and at NYC’s Apollo Theater. Since dropping their debut album they’ve been on a hot streak.

“Chewy Whiskey”
From the album Descend Into Savagery
Tigerman’s sound blends elements of rock, jazz, funk, and the bizarre into a unique blend of groovy jams and epic aural journeys. Tigerman consists of Adam Carelli (Alto/Tenor Sax/EWI), Jay Gogel (Keys/Samples), Kurt Althoff (Guitar), Joe Stracquatanio (Bass), and Rory Burns (Drums).

Tales of Joy
“Wonder Lady”
From the EP Wonder Lady
Tales of Joy
Hitting grooves and making moves since 2016, Tales of Joy cooks up reggae-soul dance music with an eclectic, eccentric following. Smashing all preconceived notions of what a reggae band should look/sound like, Tales of Joy is a one-of-a-kind act, blending reggae with soul, disco, funk and Latin.

Jeb Bush Orchestra
Hooker Street Records
Entirely apolitical, mostly instrumental funk.